Enviromental statement


At Wilton Court Restaurant with rooms we endeavor to maintain the balance of reducing our impacts on the environment and the local community, whilst still providing guests with the highest quality service possible. Our policies ensure that we seek to minimise our environmental impact given the constraints of running a small family business in a 16th century building.


To minimise our environmental footprint we have invested in:

  • Roof insulation and double glazing
  • Eco showers installed in all bathrooms
  • On site composting of garden waste and other wastes sent for recycling
  • Laundry is on site using low temperature and eco friendly cleaners
  • Wood burning fires/stoves utilising locally supplied wood and coal
  • Use low energy light bulbs, timers for lighting installed in guest corridors
  • Thermostatic valves on majority of radiators
  • Lighting and equipment only switched on when necessary
  • Computers switched off at night
  • Tent cards in guest bedrooms to encourage re use of towels
  • We monitor our boilers with timers for water and heating
  • Communicate with guests by E- mail for confirmations and newsletters
  • Water butts installed in the gardens to collect rain water from the drain pipes
  • We have a separate bin in the kitchen for vegetable, fruit, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells and boxes for composting in the garden

To help the local community:

  • We seek suitable local producers and suppliers for the majority of our food and beverage as displayed on our menus and web site
  • We seek local contractors for the on-going maintenance of buildings and gardens
  • We seek local people to provide our staffing needs
  • Board member of Visit Herefordshire
  • Member of Ross Traders Association
  • We are committed to our staff and seek to provide equal opportunity in all our aspects of our operation
  • We train many of our staff to NVQ2 level so that they can provide the best possible service
  • We recycle old furniture, glass , crockery and sundry items to our staff and local charity shops

To encourage Bio- diversity we:

  • Provide bird tables and regular feed
  • Manage our River bank
  • Provide planting and areas for wild life in our gardens and preserve our ancient Mulberry tree
  • Enter numerous awards increasing the profile of Herefordshire to attract more visitors
  • Work closely with the tourist associations to help promote Herefordshire and the Wye Valley
  • Support local schools, clubs and churches
  • Refer guests to National Trust, Heritage properties and local attractions

How YOU our guests can help

In working together to achieve our aims we ask our guests to consider the following:

  • When you leave your room please turn off the lights and do not leave the portable electric radiator on
  • Please do not open the windows and leave the heating on
  • Please only leave essential lights on during the night
  • Switch the television off at the wall and do not leave in stand by mode when not in use
  • Utilise local services whilst you stay to help the local community that you came to visit
  • Leave no litter in the countryside or market towns
  • Consider taking a shower rather than a bath , have the towels and sheets only changed when necessary
  • Separate your newspapers for recycling
  • Try at least one day of your stay without the car, walk locally, take a bus. We are happy to arrange a picnic for you
  • When viewing wild flowers, leave only footprints and take only photographs

Thank you for your help. Together we can all make a difference!

We are also members of the Considerate Hoteliers Association

Updated January 2011

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